Our Vision

We envision a Nigeria where all disadvantage, abused, rejected and abandoned or orphaned children have their destinies restored and grow up in a safe loving caring and Godly environment.

Our Mission

  • To build and manage a secure home for disadvantaged abandoned orphaned and vulnerable children in an environment of love and tranquility.
  • To teach and imbibe Godly virtues, character and values to these children
  • To restore their self-worth through early foundation of solid schooling.
  • Through the process of adoption seek homes of responsible couples and families where they can achieve their fullest potentials in life.

A Personal Experience of Ngozi Igbokwe

Founder and Executive Director Bales of Mercy Orphanage

“As a growing child (just about 5years) in a maternity home environment where my mother was a mid-wife, I heard cries……… pregnant mothers in labour whose terms were up and the babies due.

Yet after the wailing and good intentioned processes, not all the mothers live and sometimes not all the babies.

I see my mum take some of these motherless babies into her care to give them the very early nurturing their mothers couldn’t give them. I was part of this environment and considered it my most comforting world.

Fast forward 1998, after a bible college diploma the images are recaptured and I am re-invigorated to fulfill purpose… I didn’t have the feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment until 2011 in spite of a well paid career as AGM Lagos-west in a thriving conglomerate”… Hence the birth of the vision Bales of Mercy Orphanage.

Organizational Profile

Bales of Mercy Orphanage was registered by the corporate affairs commission (CAC/IT/NO 18087) as an orphanage in February 2005.

We however started operating in the year 2011 focused in catering for the needs of abandoned, abused and orphaned children.

We are also an approved orphanage of the Lagos State Government and regulated by the Lagos state ministry of youth and social development (appropriate documents are attached)

Our focus is connected to our mission statement and our processes are well checked and verifiable.


On our staffing, we screen all staff and test the sincerity of purpose in view of the ministry.

We then follow up with quarterly training and checks on performance to make sure that everyone remains in sync with the corporate objective of the organization.

You want to become a voluntter

You can Change everything together. Let’s build a better world together without
starving children, pain and suffering.

Children Welfare

We insist that every child brought to the orphanage and accepted by us has proper documentation as stipulated by the Lagos state government this includes the police report, the parental/sponsored report, and possible review of abandonment where available.

We carefully select appropriate where the children are educated and follow up in their progress.

Meals are also carefully prepared and based on observations and sound medical advice; allergies are strictly avoided for the children.

While we are very diligent and articulate with our processes we are also very accountable to our board of trustees, partners, government and sponsors.

We are a very strong advocate for adoption and believe in the potential of these children to achieve their destinies and life purposes in an environment of balanced up bringing (academic and character/ value) in well screened and secured homes.

We hope to replicate our unique orphanage model in select cities across Nigeria in the near future.

Finally, our curriculum and model for caring for the children creates a unique balance of spiritual, physical, mental and moral values in these children.

We have commendations and outstanding testimonies of our children’s performance and behaviour in school from parents who have adopted from us.

Our Statistics and Future Objectives

In our five years of existence we have received and housed many children some of them have been adopted, others have been reconciled with their parents and currently many living   in-house. All these children attend very good schools. Regrettably we have lost a child, Moses.

Our desire is to expand our capacity by including older indigent children who need support from orphanages such as ours. We have so many requests in this respect but do not currently have the capacity to take them.

Organizational Focus

With the view to impacting abandoned orphaned and vulnerable children in Nigeria, our focus as an organization is categorized into 3 major areas:

  • Learning and Education:
  • Advocacy

Board of Trustees/Members

The board consists of great individuals of proven integrity and impeccable character who have made their mark in their various fields of career and life endeavors. The board is responsible for the governance, organizational policy direction and strategy formulation of bales of mercy orphanage.

Mazi Sam Ohubunwa        Chairman

Basirat Sofola                       Member

Mr Wole Oshin                     Member

Pastor Enyinnaya Igbokwe Member

Ibiyemi Okuneye                   Secretary

Ngozi Igbokwe                       Founder 

Our Challenges

  • Mobility: The home urgently need an 18 and 30 Setter bus to take these children to and fro school, hospitals appointments and meet other errands and logistics.
  • Accommodation: We are need of our own building, currently we are renting a house and the challenge of paying every year is very stressful.
  • Funds: it is quite daunting for us to pay monthly salaries, school fees, hospital bills maintenance bills and others.
  • Fridges, Cookers, washing machines, interactive boards, computers.
  • Indoor and outdoor toys.
  • Children clothing and foot wears.
  • Educational materials books , Bibles, Crayons etc
  • Food items, Beverages, Toiletries, Diapers

Registration Status

Bales of Mercy Orphanage Is fully registered as a non-governmental organization with the corporate affairs commission and we are also regulated and approved by the ministry of youth and social development.

Help us continue to reach more children with safety, support and recovery

Every year, your generosity helps thousands of children across Nigeria recover from the trauma of abuse, neglect and family violence.

Our Accomplishments

Within four years, we have given out for adoption many children to recommended and well screened families authorized by the Lagos state ministry and youth and social development.

We have a very strong recommendation from the ministry for our strong advocacy for adoption.We are hoping your partnership with us (or your support) would enable us overcome some of these challenges. We wish to repeat that we are accountable and a transparent organization and will commit to all our obligations to you.

Founder Bales of Mercy Orphanage

Pastor (Mrs Ngozi Igbokwe, first child of Mr and Mrs Felix Mudamai of Issele-ukwu Delta state Nigeria.

She did her primary and secondary at Aba Abia State of Nigeria. She had her first degree and graduated with B.Ed from the university of Nigeria Nsukka in 1993.She proceeded to the University of Lagos and bagged a Masters degree in humanitarian and refugee studies.

In 1995, Ngozi joined John Holt Plc and voluntarily retired in 2011 as an Assistant General Manager. All through the span of her successful career, she had an innate desire to fulfill purpose, she struggled with it for a while, and in the quest to find and fulfill her life purpose she enrolled in the Olive Tree Bible College Ikoyi. In the midst of a good career and raising a family, she had the answer to her life’s question having the understanding that poverty is cruel to mostly women and children. She sets out on this quest to help children with the right needs of early childhood while giving women all the support they need. As a strong advocate to children and women, she engages in bi-monthly outreaches to indigent women and needy children this she does by providing food stuff, soft loans to engage in trade or craft and clothing materials for these people as well as encouraging them through regular counseling sessions.

Ngozi has bagged awards from different organizations all for her humanitarian activities and contribution to the welfare of women and children in the community.

Ngozi is married to her friend Pastor Enyinnaya Igbokwe senior pastor of Harvester’s City International Ministry Lagos and they are blessed with four celebrity children and a dog “Buster”.

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