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Organizational Profile

Bales of Mercy Orphanage was registered by the corporate affairs commission (CAC/IT/NO 18087) as an orphanage in February 2005.

We however started operating in the year 2011 focused in catering for the needs of abandoned, abused and orphaned children.

We are also an approved orphanage of the Lagos State Government and regulated by the Lagos state ministry of youth and social development (appropriate documents are attached)

Our focus is connected to our mission statement and our processes are well checked and verifiable.

Our Accomplishments

Within four years, we have given out for adoption many children to recommended and well screened families authorized by the Lagos state ministry and youth and social development.

We have a very strong recommendation from the ministry for our strong advocacy for adoption.We are hoping your partnership with us (or your support) would enable us overcome some of these challenges. We wish to repeat that we are accountable and a transparent organization and will commit to all our obligations to you.

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